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We Brought our Ideas to Life

Virtual Education, Inc. has been working diligently on creating a unique and extraordinary product that meets the needs of those whom have already experienced or are merging into the ever-expanding world of online education.

Experience learning like you've never experienced it before. Or so it seems...

When we first sought out to create a Virtual Classroom software in 2009, our mission was to replicate a real-life classroom experience. Our focus, even today, revolves around this same mission.

Our software enables participants to interact in a variety of ways and share whatever they want, whenever they want, live and in real-time.

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Basic Features at a Glance

We had one goal in mind when creating our Virtual Classroom software: Provide an engaging environment which can enable users to interact just as they would in an ordinary classroom, therefore obtaining maximum learning efficiency & authenticity.

Real-time Learning

Learning and participating in our Virtual Classrooms is done in real-time and in a variety of ways, keeping users unanimously engaged and always on the same page.

Completely Interactive

Sharing has never been this easy online. From video & audio to documents & screens, any information you can think of can be delivered instantly.

Absolute Control

As a moderator, you have full-control of your Virtual Classroom and who can participate. Each room has it's own unique URL and can optionally be password protected.

A Price That Fits Your Needs

One factor we kept in mind when designing and developing our Virtual Classrooms software was affordability. We've done our very best to fit your needs. Below are our package & pricing options.

Monthly Subscription
$15/ month
Unlimited Meetings
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Media Library Space
Quality Technical Support
Month-to-month Contract
(cancel whenever)
One Week
$20/ one-week
Unlimited Meetings
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Media Library Space
Quality Technical Support
One-time Payment
(expires after 1 week)

What makes us different from enterprise level systems is the fact that we cater to anyone from the corporate business level to one-on-one tutors. Our priorities have, and always will, lie in providing a platform that allows for an enriching education experience.

What Some of our Customer are Saying

At Virtual Education, Inc., we realize it is you, our customers, who keep us afloat. We strongly believe in quality business relationships, and providing unparalleled service to those who utilize our systems.

Robert Gavick
Virtual Education, Inc. has enabled me to expand my digital music lesson customer base 10-fold!
Paulina Nowakowska
I never thought I'd be able to connect with my students at virtually any time. This service is superb.
Tomasz Dziuda
The Virtual Classroom interface that Virtual Education, Inc. offers is extraordinary. No educator should be without this tool.

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